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ForeStaff Watch Paging System is carefully designed to help you improve quality of service by streamlining communication between restaurant kitchen staff, management, and wait staff members. Actively communicate with anyone you want in your restaurant. ForeStaff Watch Paging System is an ideal server pager that helps you serve customers quickly, improve staff response time, manage workload effectively and respond to any situation swiftly through quick messaging.

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Wear and Go Watch Pager

The TrackStaff Watch Paging System features an innovative charging dock, a strap on watch pager and a powerful transmitter for the best communication. Restaurant servers can simply wear the watch and receive messages from chefs, kitchen managers and other restaurant personnel. Multiple transmitters can be set up and anyone with the transmitter can simply press one button corresponding to the desired watch pager.

Customize your Communication With PagerTec

Send concise, customized messages to servers, staff members and management. PagerTec team works closely with you to configure every server pager according to your needs.

Pagertec will send the entire equipment pre-programmed, so you can start using your server paging system right out of the box. You can use it to send an individual page or messages as well as group messaging for dispersing important alerts to all staff members quickly and easily.

Save time, communicate freely and reach the apex of productivity with the TrackStaff Watch Paging System.

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