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Advanced micro systems is an iPad point of sale system that is built specifically for the retail, food & service industry. Founded since 2012, the company has not stopped innovating, constantly looking for sensible solutions to increase the productiveness of our users. The end result of it is a system that is simple yet comprehensive.

Professional solutions that cater to all your needs.

Point of Sale

An ever-evolving product, giving you the service & convenience you deserve.


Leveraging cloud technology, manage & monitor your store's performance even when you are on the go.

Inventory Management

Effective instruments to properly manage your inventory which impacts the profitability and growth of your business.

Online Ordering

A centralized platform allows your customers to order online, opening up a new source of revenue stream.

Reporting and Insights

A full suite of reports offering analytics that let you make informed and evidence-based business decisions.

Kitchen Display System

Go green and increase the efficiency of your kitchen by improving the communication between the front and back of the house.

Multiple Terminals

Add as many ordering terminals or stations you need to handle the busy situation. No dedicated server required.


MobiPOS integrates with other key service providers in the market to let you reap the benefits of our cooperation.

Whichever business you are in, we've got you covered anytime.

Full Service

Quick Service



Food Truck

Key Features

All features are designed to streamline your operations.

Customer Display

Using a secondary iOS device, deliver product price and information to your customer. Obtain customer signature without the need of turning your POS to face customers.

Customer Relationship Management

Customize multiple table layouts according to your restaurant's floor plan. With table timer, enable staff to turntable more efficiently.

Clock In/Out

Track employees clock in and out. Stay alert on what your employees are doing to show appreciation or take action where necessary.

Online Ordering

Manage the customer's email, birthday and address. Track their spending and assign different tiers of membership to their account.


Personalize your treatment towards your customers. Reward your customer with perks to keep them coming back.

Split Bills

Split the bill by item, portion or percentage easily. The system automatically brings up the previous bill, saving you the hassle of restarting the split process again.


The inventory module allows you to control and track inventory in decimal quantity. For each product sold, system deducts the inventory according to recipe provided.

Zero Dependency

A hybrid system that does not require the internet or cloud to function. Your choice of managing it online or offline, the operation won’t be affected even if you have an intermittent internet connection.

Tablet pos with Star mPOP

A sleek and compact point of purchase device which combines the receipt printer and cash drawer.
Process transactions effortlessly and be sure to make an impression on your customer.

  • Convenient bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • Multi-configurable note and coin slots
  • Say goodbye to messy cables