Communicate more efficiently and improve patient experience

Want More Benefits?


The Matrix Paging System is our most advanced paging system. Easily grab the attention of your guests with alerts that they will not miss. Matrix pagers are built for the most demanding environments and are the most trusted solution in the market.



This light weight, easy to use system is great for any need of contacting patients or family. Simply by handing a pager to the member they will know that they are being requested to return when the pager starts lighting up and vibrating.

Pagertec’s Trackstaff V3 Plus pager has proven time after time to be a reliable paging system with custom messages displayed in an easy to read OLED screen to bring the most effective communication system between you and your patients.  


Pagertec’s hospital wireless paging systems for patients have proven a great use in hospital and medical facilities with great functionality by improving the patient flow in doctors’ offices, labs, operating rooms, emergency rooms and clinics. Don’t worry when there are congested waiting areas or about having to call on loud overheard speakers or searching for patients in waiting rooms and hallways.


Give patients the best healthcare possible with one of our wireless hospital pagers. With the family and patient paging system medical personnel can provide a hospital pager to the patient and/or their family. Once they have a hospital pager they are free to wait comfortably in any waiting area around the hospital. They can go to the gift-shop or even the café, without the worry that they may miss their appointment.


Pagertec hospital pagers have low bacteria retention rates this means that bacteria does not stick on to it easily. Pagertec wireless hospital pagers for patients are water and alcohol resistant if you would like to wipe them down with alcohol the pagers will not be affected in anyway. The hospital paging systems provide a quiet and confidential communication between patients and staff. Our Medical Paging system can also be integrated with an onsite paging system for staff paging and doctor pagers.